How Hurricane Season Will Affect More Homeowners

Changing weather patterns and increasing wind speeds are predicted to push strong storms up the East Coast in the next 30 years. According to First Street Foundation’s report, “The 7th National Risk Assessment: Worsening Winds,” by 2053 a whopping 13.4 million more properties in the United States will be vulnerable to tropical cyclones. First Street…

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Understanding the Basics of Geofencing Marketing

Insurance agents know that generating new leads is key to sustaining business. But have you harnessed all the tools at your disposal that can help you reach out to potential customers? In today’s modern world, there are a variety of ways in which you can connect with people online, even directly to someone’s smartphone. Geofencing…

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What Is an MGA?

Managing general agents (MGAs) are intermediaries between insurance companies and agents and brokers. They have played an important role in the growth of the specialty insurance market, with their expertise in writing and pricing insurance policies for niche, unusual, or difficult-to-place risks that are frequently not covered by the traditional or standard market. And, unlike…

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What to Know About AM Best Insurance Ratings

For consumers, a key factor when shopping for a new insurance policy is creditworthiness, or how financially strong and stable an insurance company is. Almost all insurance companies — from those that deal with personal insurance, like Auto and Homeowners insurance, to those handling business policies, like Liability and Property insurance — receive independent analysis…

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How M&A Impacts Insurance Agencies

How M&A Impacts Insurance Agencies - Hero Image

Over the last several years, insurance agency mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have accelerated. Although M&As have slowed down somewhat this quarter, private-equity-backed firms and private brokers continue to make deals. Agents sell for several reasons: Principals may be looking to retire in the next couple of years, while some may want to expand their geographic…

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What to Be Aware of When Choosing a Data Provider

Choosing a Data Provider - Hero Image

As insurance agents, much of your business relies on strong, comprehensive data, so that you can effectively generate fresh leads. But when it comes to B2B (business-to-business) data providers in your target market, how can you be sure whom to trust, and what actually constitutes “good” data? There are a wide range of factors to…

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How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Content Marketing - Hero Image

As an insurance agent, sourcing new clients is crucial to growing your business. And while word of mouth, referrals, and old-fashioned cold calls are useful methods for finding potential customers, many agencies are focusing on content marketing to not only attract new clients, but maintain existing relationships. What, exactly, is content marketing? This digital strategy…

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Innovation in Insurance Products

Innovation in Insurance Products - Hero Image

The insurance industry, in an effort to better address specific exposures and provide businesses and individuals with additional options to protect their properties or facilitate the purchasing of coverage, has developed several new solutions – from parametric to embedded products. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the industry. Parametric Solutions Parametric insurance has…

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Inside a Builder’s Risk Policy

Inside a Builder’s Risk Policy - Hero Image

Builder’s Risk insurance covers buildings under construction as well as projects undergoing remodeling and renovations. Anyone with a financial stake should purchase Builder’s Risk insurance, including building owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. A Builder’s Risk policy provides protection against multiple exposures including fire, lightning, hail, hurricane, explosions, theft, and vandalism. A policy can be…

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