Best Locations for Events in 2023

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If you’re planning in-person seminars, workshops, or a conference for your clients or even a company-wide meeting for everyone to get together and brainstorm.

Here are several locations to consider for 2023

  • Orlando, Florida – Always a draw, Orlando provides an opportunity for customers and employees to escape the cold for a few days while getting in some training, education, and networking. Of course, Disney World and Epcot Center are attractions for many. Your clients may even decide on a work vacation and bring their families to enjoy some fun in the sun and the rides.
  • Washington, DC – A top meeting spot, it has plenty of hotel options, and clients and employees can visit museums and monuments during their downtime. It’s also a great location to bring along the family.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – Easy to get to from most cities around the country with numerous direct flights, Atlanta offers many small and large venues for meetings and conferences.
  • Nashville, Tennessee – The heart and soul of country music, Nashville offers a great cultural experience. You’ve got excellent cuisine, a choice of music venues, and a thriving art scene.
  • Chicago, Illinois – Whether on the East or West Coast, Chicago is convenient, with two world-class international airports to fly into. The city offers different dining experiences, numerous cultural museums, and great parks and attractions when attendees have downtime.
  • Denver, Colorado -Get the benefit of a walkable city with museums, chef-owned restaurants, and lots of hotels within walking distance of the convention center.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – With a convenient airport, more than 140,000 hotel rooms, and the Vegas strip that’s a playground for adults, what better location to mix business with pleasure?
  • San Diego, California – For those looking to go west, San Diego has excellent year-round weather, many small and large hotels, and a host of fine-dining options. Whether you’re expecting 30 or 1,000 people, you’ll find accommodations ranging from hip and urban to luxurious and waterfront as well as venues that can accommodate everything from large-scale events to intimate executive retreats.

Other locations to consider for your event or meeting include Los Angeles, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; Dallas and Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Charleston, South Carolina; and Boston, Massachusetts.