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  • The Read On What To Read In 2022

    No matter where you are in your life, we can all use inspiration and motivation. The same goes for our careers – whether you’re the CEO of a large insurer, agency, or brokerage; an entrepreneur of a start-up; or an agency producer or account executive. One way to get what you want out of life  more »

  • Where Are Movie Shoots And Productions Taking Place Today?

    When most people think of U.S. production shoots for movies and television shows, they think of California (Hollywood) and New York. Add Georgia to the list, as well as some international locales. Georgia on My Mind Georgia is where dozens of movies and TV shows are shot. The state was on a roll pre-pandemic and  more »

  • Market Recap: Petroleum Distribution Excess Liability

    The petroleum distribution excess liability insurance market has been hard for the last few years, albeit it has softened somewhat this year as compared to 2021. Social inflation – fueled by nuclear verdicts, litigation funding, pro-plaintiff, anti-corporation jury sentiment, and tort reform rollbacks – is driving up insurance claims costs for the commercial trucking industry.  more »

  • An Inside View Into The Difference Between Homeowners and Vacant Property Insurance

    Too often, homeowners don’t realize that if they leave their home vacant for a specific period of time, they are leaving themselves unprotected in the event of a loss. A vacant property is one without any personal property in it. Properties are left vacant for a number of reasons: A client may have moved into  more »

  • How To Improve Your Presentation Skills And Give An Engaging Presentation

    Knowing how to deliver an effective presentation is an essential tool in the skill set of a successful insurance agent or broker. Honing your presentation skills can take your presentation from merely good to great. This is because the more persuasive and actionable your pitch, the more insurance sales you’ll stand to make by the  more »

  • The Shape Of Work In The Insurance Industry: Remote Work Or In Office?

    Prior to 2020, remote work was typically associated with freelancers and employees whose companies had multiple locations and were open to providing workplace flexibility. When the pandemic hit, remote work became a lifesaver for professionals across every industry including insurance. In fact, some 50 million Americans left their offices. Prior to the pandemic, in 2019,  more »

  • Look At What’s Up: Drones In The Construction Industry

    Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are increasingly being utilized to help project owners and contractors manage construction sites. Operating with a bird’s eye view, drones can help increase worker safety, boost efficiency, and monitor every stage of a project’s life cycle for the construction industry. Yet, owners and contractors should be aware that drone utilization  more »

  • On The Road: Dashcam Use On Trucks Helps Reduce Insurance Claims, Achieve Better Outcomes

    Trucking companies of all sizes can face an onslaught of insurance claims and lawsuits, ranging from backup incidents and sideswipes to major and fatal accidents. Over the last several years, trucking companies have been hard hit by litigation and nuclear verdicts (jury awards surpassing $10 million) involving vehicular accidents. Even when a trucker was clearly  more »

  • Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, & Nightclub Insurance Market Recap

    The days of having to make a reservation way ahead of time to get into a well-known fine-dining establishment have returned. Bar seats at many restaurants are now occupied, and families and friends are enjoying nights out at their favorite local haunts. Masks have come off in the majority of places, with diners having the  more »

  • Productions Back In Business Post COVID Shutdown

    When the pandemic hit in March 2020, it seemed like everything came to a standstill including productions on movies, television shows, and commercials. Broadway also hit the pause button. In 2020, the number of original scripted TV shows across broadcast, cable, premium pay, and streaming channels fell for the first time in a decade since  more »

  • Benefits Of Outsourcing For Insurance Programs

    The pandemic illustrated that, for many businesses, their operations can continue to run smoothly with people working remotely. This was particularly true for the insurance industry, which was able to pivot during the mandatory lockdown and, for the most part, continue to provide customers with the products and servicing they needed. The pandemic also demonstrated  more »

  • 10 Best Training Tips For Business Leaders To Generate More Sales

    The insurance industry offers business leaders, insurance agents, sales producers security and stability, an opportunity to earn a great living, and the ability to learn about – and get involved with – diverse industry sectors. At the same time, it’s a highly competitive industry. While everyone needs to buy insurance, there are many local, regional,  more »

  • It’s Time To Talk Ex-Mod And How To Improve It

    When explaining a Workers’ Comp insurance program and how the premium is determined, once an insurance agent begins reviewing the experience modification factor (ex-mod), often you’ll recognize a familiar gaze that comes over a client’s face. This is especially true if you get too deep into the weeds of explaining how the ex-mod impacts premiums.  more »

  • Gaining Efficiency With E-Sign

    E-Sign Capabilities Bring Efficiencies and More to Your Agency, Brokerage Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are a fast and legally binding way to approve electronic documents without having to print, scan, or mail (via post) anything. An electronic signature is essentially a process in which computers authenticate the signatory and certify the document’s integrity. It is  more »

  • Event Insurance For Wedding Bell Blues

    Event Insurance Protects When the Best Day Turns into the Worst For years afterward, Angela and Dev’s wedding was called “the one where the couple got hitched, the bride got stitched, and the guests’ stomachs pitched.” When the two decided to tie the knot, they envisioned bringing their diverse family cultures together in every way  more »

  • Data In The Insurance Industry

    The Benefits of Big Data to the Insurance Industry and Insurance Programs The insurance industry has always been driven by data, and today increasingly so with the availability of more data. Using aptly named “big data,” the industry is in a position to make more informed decisions regarding insurance program development, risk assessment, underwriting, pricing,  more »

  • Why Branding Is So Important

    Some business owners may think branding is only for behemoth companies and doesn’t necessarily apply to them. It doesn’t matter whether you are catering to a local or niche market, are an insurance MGA, or a large brokerage with a national footprint, great branding conveys what you’re all about, helps clarify and focus who you  more »

  • Top 4 Factors That Impact Commercial Business Insurance Costs

    There are several factors that go into determining commercial insurance premiums for businesses to protect against lawsuits, property damage, accidents, and other events and hazards that may arise. The following are four factors used to calculate how much business insurance will cost. 1. Business Operation A business’s operation plays a significant factor in the rates  more »

  • Top Insurtech Trends For 2022

    Insurtech is the application of technological innovations specifically designed to improve the efficiency of today’s insurance model. Insurtech solutions enable products to be priced more competitively by utilizing technologies such as AI and data analytics. These solutions are being widely adopted by insurers and MGAs in order to achieve lower-cost, better, and faster operational results.  more »

  • AI And Machine Learning: Game-Changing For Insurance Industry

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the insurance industry in a number of critical ways. AI is a branch of computer science that develops machines to mimic human intelligence and solve problems faster and more accurately than we can. Traditionally, AI works by analyzing a set of inputs and producing the right  more »

  • How Technology Is Helping The Construction Sector Improve Its Carbon Footprint

    Buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of carbon emissions globally, according to the World Green Building Council. Operational emissions (from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) accounts for 28% while 11% comes from embodied carbon emissions, or “upfront” carbon associated with materials and construction processes throughout the whole building life cycle. This  more »

  • ISC Introducing New Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, And Nightclub Insurance Program

    The restaurant industry, because of the pandemic, has faced some of its greatest challenges over the last two years. Throughout most of 2020 and into early 2021, the industry made some significant changes and expenditures to keep operations open amid mandates and evolving requirements, including offering outdoor dining, investing in technology for touchless orders and  more »

  • ISC Acquires Online MGA Abacus, Expands Commercial Insurance Program Offerings

    In today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive commercial insurance environment, market access to tailored programs for specialty niches supported by a streamlined online submission-quote-bind-policy issuance platform is critical in driving greater growth for brokers. Our commitment at Insurance MGA Integrated Specialty Coverages, LLC (ISC) is to deliver best-in-class insurance programs supported by the latest in technology advances. With  more »

  • COVID In 2022: Property and Casualty Industry Getting Back To Business

    Most firms after nearly two years of managing the fallout from the pandemic felt that, by 2022, we would return to “business as usual.” Some, including insurance agents and the property and casualty industry in general, made plans for their workforce to return to the office in the fall of 2021 while others were looking  more »

  • Trucking Industry Making Inroads To Attract New Workers with Trucking Programs

    The ongoing supply chain disruption combined with a severe labor shortage of truck drivers has the industry making moves with ne trucking programs to get more individuals behind the wheel. The industry needs 80,000 truckers to help alleviate supply chain pressures and, in part, is offering the opportunity for individuals to make up to six-figure  more »

  • The Year Ahead In Construction Trends

    The Year Ahead in Building Trends With stricter safety regulations, rising building material costs, shifting consumer demands, and other factors, it’s critical for builders to stay current on construction trends to remain competitive. We’ve put together several of the top construction industry trends to watch for. Safety on the Job. Contractors donned face masks long  more »

  • What’s On The Reading List For Business Leaders, Commercial Insurance Execs?

    What’s on the Reading List for Business Leaders? While business leaders, including commercial insurance execs, have plenty on their plate, most carve out the time to read memoirs, interviews, and nonfiction books to discover the different perspectives and journeys of other C-suite professionals, entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders. A deep dive into someone else’s experience can  more »

  • Construction Market Trends 2022

    Outlook for the Residential Construction Sector On the heels of the pandemic, residential construction activity spiked in mid-2020 and throughout 2021 in a quest by consumers for more living and outdoor space. However, at the same time, there have been challenges in the residential construction market to meet consumer demand – from the rising cost  more »

  • Inside The Supply-Chain Disruption

    Inside the Supply-Chain Disruption The pandemic impacted many aspects of our economy, including exposing and exacerbating a supply chain that was already vulnerable as a result of infrastructure issues and decades of very lean inventories held by companies in order to limit their costs. Once the pandemic-related lockdown hit in 2020, people spent more time  more »