Event Insurance For Wedding Bell Blues

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Event Insurance Protects When the Best Day Turns into the Worst

For years afterward, Angela and Dev’s wedding was called “the one where the couple got hitched, the bride got stitched, and the guests’ stomachs pitched.” When the two decided to tie the knot, they envisioned bringing their diverse family cultures together in every way imaginable—from elements of the ceremony to the music and all of their favorite ethnic foods. The couple couldn’t believe their good fortune when a friend turned them on to an incredibly exclusive venue, a private home with a stunning ocean-view backyard. With all the arrangements dovetailing perfectly, Angela and Dev figured they’d realize the wedding of their dreams.

They were wrong.

The Hitch and the Stitch

Nestled high above the breaking surf, the lavish property was decorated in shades of champagne and blush trailing toward the focal point—an exquisite arch of flowers and vines wrought of clear crystal, placed before a dramatic koi pond. The hitch went off flawlessly—Angela was stunning in silk, while Dev looked dashing in his tuxedo. Just after kissing his bride, Dev triumphantly high-fived his best man, Alex, failing to notice the bee crawling amid the flowers on Alex’s boutonniere—and unleashing a series of unfortunate events.

Startled by the sudden movement, the bee quickly stung Alex. Staggering around in instant pain, Alex somehow tripped over Angela’s foot, causing her to stumble and break the heel on one of her jeweled Manolos before both of them went careening into the delicate arch, which collapsed with a crash. Amazingly, just one sleeve on Angela’s dress was torn but she received a nasty cut from a jagged shard of broken glass, long and deep enough to require stitches. Alex didn’t get off so easily, suffering a broken arm in the fall. A few guests used their cells to capture the whole debacle, which went viral on social media.

While the bride got stitched up and donned a new outfit, the uneasy guests were shown to the dining area where a feast of delectable delights awaited. The day wore on; Angela emerged in a stunning cream pantsuit and Alex returned from Urgent Care sporting a cast and feeling no pain, thanks to a strong injection. Several rounds of appetizers and an impressive dinner feast disappeared quickly among the crowd, who drank and danced the afternoon and evening away as they talked, laughed, and photographed the newlyweds taking part in family traditions.

Life Imitates Art

It was just about midnight, after the Electric Slide but before the cake cutting, when the first surge hit. Guests reported later that the enormous wave of collective nausea spread like wildfire, reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. Low-key departures turned into frantic sprints as people roughly elbowed each other out of the way to reach the nearest bathroom. With all facilities in heavy use, trash cans full to the brim, and the horrified homeowner firmly blocking the entrance to the interior of her white-carpeted home, desperate guests turned to every makeshift receptacle they could find to pitch their stomach contents: an ice-filled drink chest, the shimmering swimming pool, an ornamental fountain, Angela’s broken Blahnik, an ornate Grecian vase (which got knocked over and broken in the bedlam), an unguarded purse; even the koi pond didn’t escape the riotous retching. Symptoms were so bad that several guests were hospitalized overnight for treatment.

All's Well that Ends Well

In time, the newlyweds would laugh about the mishap-filled marriage ceremony. All guests fully recovered and Event insurance up to the policy limit helped to pay for the ambulance, physician, Urgent Care, and hospitalization costs, as well as replacement and repair of all the damaged elements at the host’s home.

Wedding season is near—and couples who postponed nuptials during the pandemic have already rescheduled or are planning to marry, with family and friends in attendance after prolonged social distancing. Offer them Event coverage to help ensure that, if their big day goes down in history, it’ll be for all the right reasons.