Accident & Health

Protection for international employees

Accident & Health insurance for the expat worker

For international workers, you can offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to protect employers and individuals from unexpected accident or illness. The ISC program includes coverages such as Permanent and Temporary Disability and more specific coverages dependent on occupational requirement.


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Offers benefits to a broad audience, ranging from high-net-worth individuals to large multinational entities.


  • $7.5MM Any One Person
  • $35MM Any One Event


Who We Write

We offer coverage for the vast majority of occupations including:

  • Office workers & Executives
  • High-Risk Occupations (Security Guards, Heavy Equipment Operators)
  • Associations
  • Universities & Schools
  • Affinity Groups


We have the ability to write business from all major territories including North America, Latam, Europe, the UK and other emerging markets.


Coverage Available

In addition to core Accident & Health covers, we can offer the following products:

  • Aviation PA & Loss of License
  • Dental Insurance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Professional & Amateur Sports Cover
  • Marine and Aviation Crew
  • Key Man Cover for Company Executives
  • Individual or Group Entertainer’s Cover
  • Business Travel cover
  • Expatriate Medical Expense
  • Student Inbound & Outbound Medical Expenses.

Accident & Health Program Resources

Standard Appitite Guide


Supplemental Application


Submissions Requirements:

  • Acord 125
  • Supplemental application
  • 3 yrs loss runs

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