TOOLs & Equipment

There are many ways to
insure tools and equipment.

Clients pay for what they need

Offer clients stand-alone or bundle options, including standard or custom coverage, to protect contractor tools and equipment while in transit and at the job site. Insure standard or heavy equipment, provide rental coverage for rented or leased equipment, and offer short-term coverage options.

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No tools means no work. Ensure your construction clients' most important work assets are protected easily with online submit, quote and bind.

Package or Monoline
Tools & Equipment


  • TIV – $250,000 ACV
  • Miscellaneous Tools – $20,000 ACV
  • Scheduled Equipment – $150,000 ACV
  • Rented/Leased – $150,000 ACV
  • Installation Floater – $150,000 ACV
  • Office Contents – $100,000 ACV

Program Highlights

  • Lloyd’s A XV Rated
  • Minimum Premium $270
  • Non-Admitted
  • All 50 States and Washington D.C.
  • 15% Commission
  • Quote as a Bundle or Customize Coverage

Our Footprint

Availability Map - Excess Liability

What We Offer

  • Bundle 1: $10K Misc. Tools
  • Bundle 2: $10K Misc. Tools, $5K Office Contents
  • Custom: Select Coverage – Heavy Equipment Available
  • Rented/Leased: Short-Term Policies Available

What We Write

  • Rented Equipment
  • Misc. Tools
  • Leased Equipment
  • Office Equipment

Tools & Equipment Program Resources

Tools & Equipment Info

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