Cargoes are varied, destinations are numerous,
the risks are endless.

One Policy circumnavigates it all.

Global commerce has enough obstacles, don't let the coverage of your goods be one.

One of the broadest policy forms in the entirety of the insurance industry, due to its "All-Risks" nature.  Each and every policy is tailored to address the individual unique needs of the Client.

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The Marine General Cargo Policy covers goods in transit for physical loss and/or damage from shipping origin to final destination. This is a worldwide coverage and is not limited to goods transported by ocean/sea; Air, Rail, Truck, Barge, Parcel Post are all covered hereunder as well.  Coverage may also be extended to goods stored in warehouse locations.


  • Up to $20,000,000 any one conveyance (worldwide)
  • Up to $20,000,000 any one warehouse/storage location $5,000,000 NAT-CAT Annual Aggregate

Coverage Details

  • Provides coverage for 1st party goods in transit anywhere in the world from the time it leaves the supplier’s/manufacturer’s facility until arrival at designated final destination.
  • Coverage Extensions available
    • Domestic Inland Transit
    • Foreign Inland Transit
    • Goods in Storage (a.k.a. "Stockthroughput" or "STP")
  • Open and continuous policy with no need for microcosmic shipment reporting. Client provides estimated annual values shipped at inception with adjustment on actual at anniversary.
  • The standard ISC Cargo form is enhanced as needed for each client's specific coverage requirements (e.g. Valuation can be determined by Assured to match their business needs).
  • War risks are included.

Geographic Scope

  • Worldwide coverage territory (subject to applicable sanctions restrictions).
  • Assured must be domiciled in USA.

In-Appetite Risk Examples

  • General Consumer Goods
  • Manufacturers/Distributors of consumer goods currently reliant upon their Supplier(s) to provide  insurance
  • Dry/Liquid Bulk Commodities
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Wearing Apparel

Excluded Risks

  • Stock at Retail Locations
  • Standalone Storage coverage
  • Coverage for Delay or Loss of Profit
  • Standalone War coverage
  • Currency/Specie

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Here's what we need:

  • Corporate name & address
  • Inception date
  • Commodity(ies) being shipped
  • Estimated annual values shipped
  • Maximum and average value on any one conveyance
  • Cargo origin and destination point(s)
  • Packing details
  • Loss history

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