Insurance Sales Training

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Talent has become even tougher to come by in our industry as more individuals have made career changes post pandemic, coupled with baby boomers’ retiring and exiting the business. Getting the next generation of producers and account managers/customer service reps is critical to an insurance agency’s success. Whether recruiting for new talent or looking in-house, a robust insurance sales training program is key to positioning your firm as a great workplace and helping our staff achieve their personal and agency goals.

Why Insurance Sales Training Is Important

Insurance sales training programs provide specific, practical insights into improving producers’ and account managers’ insurance sales abilities. With sales targets to meet, these skills help individuals pursue new leads, attract prospects, and confidently advocate for their products and services.

The benefits of insurance sales training are many, including the ability to:

  • Get more deals: Producers and account managers will learn effective sales techniques and how to apply them to different customers.
  • Retain more customers: Sales training teaches producers and account managers to identify buyer needs and cross-sell and upsell products to existing customers.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge: Strong sales training allows individuals to go off script. Producers and account managers will learn to address clients confidently, hold meaningful conversations, respond to client inquiries, and make better recommendations. Today’s successful producers, especially for complex and high-revenue-generating commercial accounts, should be viewed as consultants assisting clients in navigating risks in a changing economic and insurance environment.

Choose Training Methods That Work for Your Agency

There are various insurance-training consultants and companies available from which you can choose. Most offer you a choice of in-person or instructor-led virtual training. In addition, there are introductory insurance courses for novices – those new to the industry – and customizable training solutions based on your agency’s needs. For licensing and continuing education requirements, online Property & Casualty courses may be a convenient option.

Some firms post blogs and conduct podcasts featuring interviews with qualified sales professionals to help your staff keep their sales training fresh.

You can also reach out to your insurance carriers to see what sales training they offer producers.