ISCX: Our Next-Generation Platform

ISCX: Our Next-Generation Platform - Hero Image

Integrated Specialty Coverages (ISC), a data and tech-forward, multi-line insurance program administrator, is continually working on enhancing the customer experience for our broker partners. To this end, we are developing a new platform, ISCX, to host native and non-native programs and products, enabling brokers and wholesalers to access ISC from one central point for all business lines. Scott Carter, ISC's Chief Digital & Technical Officer, is spearheading the development of ISCX, and his team recently presented a demo of the new platform at ISC’s West Coast Broker Conference in Southern California.

“We want to make the process of finding and placing our insurance products simple and easy for our brokers,” says Scott, “making it convenient throughout the user experience to access all of our products and get a quote.” By so doing, Scott explains, brokers will be able to not only place new business but also upsell and cross-sell additional products with ease. “Our goal is to be uniquely positioned in the market to offer this type of product distribution all in one user interface.”

Delivering Value to Our Broker Community

ISC, from the outset, has always been committed to bringing a unique value proposition to our brokers. “We have looked at the user experience in the specialty insurance space differently from others,” says Scott. “It’s not about building another broker portal but looking at how we can bring greater value as a company to our broker community by simplifying connections with partners so that our brokers can tap into a much broader pool of products we offer. If we empower our broker community, their business will grow, as will ours.”

The brokers who saw ISCX in action are excited about the new platform being developed, which will be released later this year. “In terms of priority, the ISCX Marketplace will initially expose products we offer that weren’t tech-enabled – ones where submissions and the policy lifecycle were more manual in nature. In addition to product lines, we’ve incubated in-house, this will also include wholesale products and others supported today through our existing online MGA platform,” explains Scott. “We’ll bring all of these products together into the ISCX Marketplace to unify the experience and allow brokers to select from a menu of products, which can be quoted simultaneously, within a single session. In addition, ISCX will be 100% mobile friendly from the outset, a key design goal that has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from our broker community.”