What’s Covered with an Entertainment Equipment Floater?


Entertainment equipment runs the gamut. Live concert events use PA systems, mixing boards, monitors, microphones, cables, lighting, musical instruments, among other equipment. Recording studios use audio interfaces, recorders, mixers, headphones, amplifiers, mic stands, shock mounts, cables, and editing software. Post-production companies use everything from computer editing software, computer hardware, application/editing keyboards, workstations, and controllers to assist with video and film. Hardware, such as mini recorders, mini playback devices, and USBs that capture devices to transfer and stream content, are used for editing.

These and many other types of equipment require special insurance coverage to protect against loss due to theft and damage from fire, vandalism, breakage, and water. For example, thieves may steal equipment from a studio or venue. A camera lens could shatter if accidentally dropped, or a musical instrument could get damaged during transportation. A studio could experience a fire that destroys recording equipment, or a flood could damage lighting rigs in a venue. Vandals could slash speaker cones or spray paint equipment with graffiti.

Without adequate insurance protection, these and other losses can be costly to repair or replace equipment, not to mention the downtime and loss of revenue incurred for a company.

Abacus’s Entertainment Equipment Floater

Abacus, an ISC company, provides an all-risk Entertainment Equipment Floater with worldwide coverage for a wide range of scheduled owned and rented equipment of any size that includes:

  • Editing/Post-Production Equipment
  • Recording/Studio Equipment
  • Sound/Location Recording Equipment
  • Musical Instruments/Band Equipment
  • Camera/Production Equipment
  • A./Sound Reinforcement Equipment
  • Theatrical Equipment
  • Miscellaneous Unscheduled Equipment

The all-risk floater includes optional coverage for business income, extra expense, and rental reimbursement in addition to property damage and theft.

The Entertainment Equipment Floater is available nationwide. With Abacus’s industry-leading cloud-based platform, you can easily and quickly protect your clients’ entertainment equipment. Abacus is known for enabling brokers to perform all insurance transactions online.


*NOTE: The insuring agreement in a policy sets out the covered perils, assumed risks, and nature of coverage that the insurance company provides to its insured in exchange for the premiums paid. Thus, the terms and conditions of the policy will dictate whether coverage exists and the nature of any potential benefits.