Special Events

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event to-do list.

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Whether it’s a walk down the aisle, the birth of a baby, a business conference, a party celebrating the end of a storied career or other types of events, stuff, unfortunately, can happen that leaves a host or event organizer liable. People get hurt, and events get postponed or canceled. Offer online quotes for more than 60 types of special events and receive same-day policies from our wholesale partner.

Available Limits

  • Liability Limits Up to $1MM/$2MM
  • Med Pay Limit of $5K

Program Highlights

  • $150 Minimum Premium
  • Duration of Event Up to 5 Days
  • Attendees Up to 3,000 Per Day and 15,000 Overall
  • Host Liquor Available in Most States
  • Reschedule Day and ALS Included at No Additional Cost
Availability Map - Excess Liability

From the perfectly planned wedding to the well-attended business conference, unforeseen circumstances can still occur, leaving the event holder liable. Special Event insurance, which most venues now require, can help cover a broad range of risks ranging from a slip and fall to even a postponed or canceled event.

Through our wholesale partner, AU Gold, you can obtain an online quote for more than 60 types of Special Events and receive a same-day policy.

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