Coverage for In-Between Hauls: Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

In-Between Hauls Coverage: Non-Trucking Liability Insurance - Hero Image

Whether truckers are on dispatch or not, they should remain covered while on the road. That’s when Non-Trucking Liability insurance comes in. This coverage is designed to provide third-party bodily injury and property damage liability insurance during personal use between a trucker’s return and his or her next dispatch points. 

Owners/operators contracted by a motor carrier are covered under a Commercial Motor Truck Liability policy. In addition, their cargo haul is covered under a Motor Truck Cargo policy. While some motor carriers’ policies provide Bobtail coverage (bringing a load back on the way home) or coverage for limited non-business driving (such as driving home after unloading), many do not. Furthermore, a driver’s personal auto insurance will not cover a driver using his or her truck for personal reasons. 

Non-Trucking Liability insurance fills a potential gap for non-business use of the truck, with coverage typically required by the motor carrier with whom the owner/operator has signed a lease agreement. The bodily injury portion of the Non-Trucking Liability policy provides coverage if a third party is injured in an accident in which the owner/operator is found liable. The third party could be the driver of the other vehicle, a passenger in the insured’s truck, or someone else. The coverage pays for the injured party’s medical care, lost income due to the injury, and other expenses. The property damage portion of the policy will pay for repair costs to someone else’s property if the owner/operator is found responsible.

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