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You have a whole new world for high-limit coverage available to get clients well protected in a litigation environment where nuclear verdicts keep soaring. Get A Rated Excess Liability coverage for your clients ranging from small start-ups to larger established firms.

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For Standard and Plus GL, Excess Liability is available from our online platform.  For Premier GL and unsupported programs, submit the application below for fast, expert turnaround.


Excess Liability Construction Programs

Excess over Standard/Plus Excess over Premier & Unsupported
Excess Liability Limits: Limits up to $2MM (up to $5MM available with approval) Limits Up to $5MM
Minimum Underlying Limits:
Auto Liability
General Liability
Employers Liability
1MM Combined Single Limit
$1MM CSL or Split $1MM/$250K/$1MM
$1MM/$2MM/$1MM (where applicable)
$500K/$500K/$500K except NY/NJ $100K/$500K/$100K
Program Highlights:
Coverage Form
Policy Types
Minimum Premium
ISO Excess (Follow Form)
Practice Policy
All 50 States
ISO Excess (Follow Form)
Practice; Specified Project; Owners Interest
All 50 States
Program Guidelines:
Minimum Underlying Minimum Earned
Gross Receipts
Fleet Size
Loss Threshold
GL Carrier Must Be ISC A Rated
Up to $5MM
Up to 10 Vehicles
No Losses over $250,000
All underlying carriers: AM Best B+VI or A-V or better
Practice Policies: 25%; Project Specific/Owner's Interests: 100%
Up to $100MM
Up to 100 power units
Required for Submission:
Underlying Employer's Liability and Automobile Dec Pages Required for Quote Approval
5 years Auto & GL Loss Runs
MVRs for All Drivers
Acord 125, 126, 131 and 127 if Auto Applies
Contractors Supplemental Application Resume Required on all New Ventures (< 3 Yrs in Bus.)
Copy of underlying Auto, GL quotes/policies (WC required in NY)
Currently Valued AL, GL Loss Runs (WC Required in NY)
Current/Planned Project List w/Location, Scope and Contract Price
Any Special Endorsement Requirements

Excess Program Resources

Excess Appetite Guide
Standard/Plus Programs

For supported Excess with our Standard and Plus GL programs, submit, quote, and bind online.

For supported Premier GL or unsupported submissions, use the buttons below to email your submission.

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