ISC’s Homeowners Insurance Program Fills Void in Key Middle Markets


The disruption in the Homeowners insurance market has wreaked havoc on agents and clients looking for solutions as carriers pull out of key markets. In May, State Farm, the largest insurer of homes in California, announced it would no longer issue new homeowners policies in the state, including in non-cat areas. In 2022, Allstate stopped writing new policies in California. Insurers have also pulled out of the property insurance market in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

“Admitted carriers have pulled out of key markets over the last several years,” said John Walsh, CIC, Underwriter at ISC. “We offer a homeowners product with an A-rated E&S carrier available to fill the void in key middle markets where carriers have exited.” This includes each of our policy forms – from homeowners (HO3) to seasonal and secondary homes, Airbnbs, tenant occupied, vacant properties, and others.

We Can Write in the Golden State

In California, for example, ISC’s homeowners product is available in non-cat-exposed areas, providing agents with a product solution for clients without a wildfire exposure and who cannot secure standard coverage. “We can step with a product that’s a perfect fit for homes in the $400,000 to $1.5 million range,” explained John.

Florida and North Carolina Additional Markets for Our Product

ISC’s homeowners product is also available in Florida and provides coverage, excluding wind, throughout the state. “We began offering our product in Florida a few weeks ago, stepping in as many carriers non-renew their business,” said John. “We offer a policy that covers fire and other critical perils minus wind, which can be addressed with other available stand-alone products on the market. By excluding wind, we can write all over the state where there are eligible properties.”

North Carolina is another strong market for ISC. “Our product is available x-wind within 50 miles of the coast. In all other parts of the state, we will write wind,” explained John. In addition, ISC’s homeowners product is available with wind included in the states of Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland, where we are seeing tremendous growth.

“We offer a consistent, profitable product amid the standard market’s constantly changing appetite,” noted John. “We are also nimble, with a team who responds quickly to submissions.

“Each risk is reviewed by an underwriter and not simply put into a box to see whether it fits. If there is a risk rejected by the admitted market, we will give it the extra look it needs. We have the time and technology to assess these risks.”

ISC is looking for agents who have a history of writing E&S business to partner with for the long haul. Our footprint includes Florida and the mid-Atlantic, Central, and Western states. Agency commission for new business is 12%.

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*NOTE: The insuring agreement in a policy sets out the covered perils, assumed risks, and nature of coverage that the insurance company provides to its insured in exchange for the premiums paid. Thus, the terms and conditions of the policy will dictate whether coverage exists and the nature of any potential benefits.