ISC’s New Online Platform Features


At ISC, we are continually working to streamline and automate our processes to make life easier for you. Here are just a few of the new OMGA features we recently launched.

ISCx Marketplace: Our Quote Everything Landing Page

The ISCx Marketplace is a one-stop shop for all ISC coverages. Each of our programs is listed on one landing page for brokers to access. Each program card lists a summary of the coverage options for brokers to view. You can select the coverages you want and hit submit for a quote. Submissions are sent based on program requirements, which can be via the Marketplace, OMGA platform, supplemental apps, or ACORD forms.

The ISCx Marketplace can be accessed from the OMGA platform.

Underwriting Task Manager: Improving User Experience

We created the Underwriting Task Manager to move all activities into our platform. We created a workflow to auto-create tasks, with underwriters directly accessing applications within the OMGA platform. As a result, we’ve streamlined broker underwriting response time by 22% in our construction unit.

Additional Insured Scheduler: For Our Contractor’s STANDARD GL Product

Our tech team has streamlined the entire project endorsement request process for our Contractor’s STANDARD GL product. Brokers and our underwriters can use the OMGA platform for project endorsement requests. We also made it super easy for brokers to use and eliminated the back-and-forth of emailing this information to our underwriters.

On the OMGA platform, you can now add the project’s address and dates, location and effective dates, choose the specific endorsement options required for a project from a dropdown menu in the scheduler, and answer specific underwriting questions. All the endorsements in an insured’s policy, including the Additional Insured endorsement, will appear. The information is sent directly to underwriting for review. If approved, the project status is updated, a confirmation is sent to you, and all selected endorsements are automatically added to the project.