Keep on Trucking: Paramount’s Highlander Program Expands Into New Mexico and Arizona

Trucking AZ

An ISC company, Texas-based Paramount is known for its underwriting expertise and experience in the commercial transportation market, providing trucking companies in Texas and California that haul imported and exported goods to and from the Mexican border with Liability, Physical Damage, and Cargo. As of July 1, Paramount is pleased to announce the expansion of its Highlander program for trucking companies in New Mexico and Arizona.

“We’re providing brokers with coverage solutions to offer trucking companies in additional states bordering Mexico,” said Ricky Hale, Vice President of Commercial Auto Operations. “The Highlander program includes NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking in addition to Domestic Long Haul Trucking for companies hauling goods from a local and long-haul radius.

The program is with an A rated carrier. Appointed brokers can obtain quote and bind coverage online.

“Expanding into New Mexico and Arizona widens our geographic footprint into states where there is a great deal of activity on the roads and to and from the border,” said Ricky.

If you’re already an appointed agent with Paramount, you can get a quote here.  To get appointed, please visit: