New Feature on the ISC Platform: Automatic E-Sign Reminder


We added an Automatic E-Sign Reminder feature on our OnlineMGA (OMGA) platform. You can now set the cadence of your reminder emails for electronic signatures so they go out automatically to your clients. Once you set the cadence, you don’t have to lift a finger.

The Benefits of E-Signatures

Some of the advantages of electronic signatures include:

  • Reduces staff time spent printing and distributing applications to clients. It expedites the entire process, which is frequently required when coverage is needed immediately.
  • Enhances customer experience. They do not need to sign the document, scan it, and submit it to you. They can sign and return the document to you in seconds.
  • Enables remote work and eliminates the need for in-person meetings.
  • Ensures document security and safe signing.
  • Tracks signatures. You can keep track of and manage the process if an application requires numerous signatures.
  • Reduces paper and ink usage, lowers transaction costs, and promotes sustainability.

ISC is always looking for ways to optimize workflow procedures with our broker partners and clients. We first made electronic signatures available free for our programs on OMGA and now make it easier for you to remind your clients to sign their documents.