The Benefits of Adding Video to Your Website

Video long

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, improve customer retention, or simply better define your overall brand voice, there’s one simple technique you may have missed: video! Incorporating original content via video assets to your existing online website provides plenty of benefits, even though the initial investment may seem costly.

In today’s digital world, most customers discover new business online — and video marketing will propel your insurance brand to the next level. If your business feels stagnant, investing in original video content for your website may just revitalize your agency. Read on to learn about four key benefits that come from adding video to your website.

Improve Your SEO

A key reason to add video to your website is to boost your agency’s visibility in the search engine results. Today’s algorithms prioritize websites with video content, especially if you take the time to craft SEO (search engine optimized) keywords in the video title, description, and metadata. Search engines know that users spend more time on pages with videos, and reward websites accordingly.

Additionally, it’s been reported that you can get even more of a ranking boost in the Google search results if your videos are hosted on YouTube, as opposed to other video hosting sites (Google owns YouTube). It’s fairly easy to upload video content to YouTube and subsequently embed those videos to website platforms, so consider this strategy if you’re looking for the best way to improve your website’s overall SEO.

Define Your Agency’s Brand Voice

Another critical benefit of original video content is that it allows you to fully control your brand voice, and present your agency in the best light to your customer. Not only will these videos show up embedded on your website, but they’ll show up independently in search results as well — which overall bolsters your brand’s reputation.

Though many can be put off by the costs involved with conceptualizing, creating, and editing video content, this entire creative process is actually a great way to solidify your messaging. You can use every second to present only what you want to be seen to your potential customers, and show your brand in a positive light.

It can be helpful to work with designers on an overall brand hub that includes your choice of fonts, colors, logos and more, so that the videos (and images like thumbnails) presented across your website are in alignment. A unified series of videos will make your company look polished and more trustworthy to your customer base.

Show Off Different Aspects of Your Agency

When considering the content of your videos, you’ll want to dive into the specifics. This is another benefit to video content — you can dive deep into various aspects of your brand. Just as you already have different landing pages optimized for unique parts of the customer journey, your video content can speak to different needs.

For instance, some videos may be purely for B2C (business to consumer) sales, i.e., showing off insurance product features and sharing customer testimonials. Other videos may be designed for B2B (business to business) purposes, showcasing your company’s history and highlighting outstanding team members. From products and services to the team to the company’s history, each video should have a clear narrative and fit into the overall website page it lives on.

Better Customer Retention

Finally, a proven benefit of original video content on business websites is improved customer retention. Most consumers today are prepared — even expecting — video content. While copy is engaging and also great for SEO, you want to also keep your clients’ attention. You have a much better chance at reaching your target audience, and actually delivering your message, through the medium of video.

If you’re unsure how to start creating original video content, take a look at your website as it exists now and analyze the amount of text you currently have. This text may be glossed over by a potential client or consumer, but could it be translated into engaging video content?

Videos don’t need to be long, and shouldn’t overpopulate your website pages. But a handful of well-placed videos throughout your website can boost your placement in search results, highlight your brand, and connect you with customers — ultimately making video worth the investment.