Time for Insurance Review as Investor Property Rentals Gear Up for Spring, Summer


The spring and summer months bring a spike in property rentals, with many individuals and families looking for the perfect spot to vacation. As the weather warms up and kids are on school break, many across the country are seeking a rental home that will fit their needs. Some may rent for a week, while others opt to change up their scenery for the entire summer season. Destinations like the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the Hamptons in New York, and Newport Beach in California attract people from all over. Of course, Florida is a popular vacation spot.

It’s a great time for investor property rentals and the time to ensure your clients have the right coverage. At ISC, our Investor Property insurance program makes it easy for your insureds. Our master Property policy covers multiple tenant-occupied properties, so there is no need to have separate policies for each property.

In addition, we facilitate the underwriting process for our brokers. With access to 900 data points per location through artificial intelligence, you get immediate insight into each property exposure. You’ll get property data, including wind and hail scores, which helps with the underwriting process, eligibility, and speed to market.

Choose Property Only or a Package Policy

You can offer a monoline Property policy on a basic or special form with TIV limits of up to $2 million per location. Or provide your clients with a package policy that includes our Property form and General Liability coverage with limits of $1 million/$2 million. We cover a minimum of five properties with no maximum on the number of properties listed on the Property form. Also, there is no age limit on the building.

Our program is written with an A-rated carrier, and our geographic footprint is national (excluding Oklahoma). We write rental dwellings, condo rentals, and short-term rentals in addition to vacant dwellings and risks under renovation.

You can also boost your client’s coverage with several critical additional options, including:

  • Business Personal Property: Covers equipment, furniture, inventory, and other tangible property, from theft, fire, vandalism, and natural catastrophes.
  • Loss of Rents: Reimburses insureds for lost rental income when a property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered risk and renters are unable to occupy it.
  • Equipment Breakdown: Protects against the cost of repairing or replacing equipment and machinery that experiences a sudden mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Ordinance or Law: Pays for the additional expenses of repairing or constructing a property to meet current building regulations or ordinances following a covered loss.
  • Debris Removal: Pays for costs of removing debris following a covered loss, such as cleaning up debris from a building collapse, fire, or natural disaster.
  • Water Backup: Protects against damage caused by the infiltration of water or sewage into a building via drains, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures. Coverage pays the cost of cleanup and repairs.
  • Swimming Pool Liability: Protects property owners from liability claims resulting from accidents or injuries in or near their swimming pools, such as slips and falls, drowning, or other pool-related mishaps.
  • Vacant Land Liability: Protects landowners from liability claims resulting from injuries or property damage sustained on their vacant land, such as accidents caused by hazardous conditions or unauthorized access.
  • Dog Bite Liability: Protects the property owner from liability claims if a dog injures or damages another person’s property. It often covers legal fees, medical bills, and damages awarded in a dog bite lawsuit.

You can also add Flood, Earthquake, and Terrorism coverage.

For submission requirements, please visit our program page. We accept any SOV or Supplemental. You can also use our SOV and Supplemental app.


*NOTE: The insuring agreement in a policy sets out the covered perils, assumed risks, and nature of coverage that the insurance company provides to its insured in exchange for the premiums paid. Thus, the terms and conditions of the policy will dictate whether coverage exists and the nature of any potential benefits.