We’ve Been Busy Making Changes: New ISC Website, Online Platform & More

New ISC Website, Online Platform & More - Hero Image

At ISC, our goal is to make life easier for our brokers. We offer great programs and products for specific niches, utilize data and market intelligence for enhanced underwriting, facilitate insurance transactions online, and, of course, provide excellent service. We recently rebranded and redesigned our website as part of continued efforts to serve you better. We invite you to check it out here.

Our new website employs an enhanced user experience (UX), with all our programs and products easily accessible with the information you need to see the complete breadth of our offerings and how each product aligns with your insureds’ needs. We plan to continue providing new content as we add more products, programs, and information relevant to our brokers, and we’ll ensure the website’s user-friendliness. We want this to be a resource for you to find what you need when you need it. 

Introducing ISCX

ISCX is the name of our newest online MGA platform which hosts our programs and products, allowing us to have all of our brokers and wholesalers access ISC from one central point for all business lines.


In addition to our website redesign and updated technology platform, effective February 1, we rebranded Safebuilt Insurance Services (SIS) as ISC. Since we acquired SIS in 2019, we have implemented cutting-edge changes to provide a better, smoother, and faster working experience. Our rebranding reflects where we are as a company today.