We’ve Increased the Limits to $10M in Our Personal Articles Floater Program


With Abacus’s online platform, you can easily and quickly protect your clients’ valuables and collectibles with our Personal Articles Floater. Abacus is an ISC company known for providing our broker partners with the ability to perform all insurance transactions online – from quoting to order placement, policy issuance, and endorsements.

The Personal Articles Floater is available in all 50 states on an admitted basis and written with “A” rated carriers. The policy provides all-risk coverage for everything from jewelry to fine art, furs, cameras, sporting equipment, musical instruments, silverware, postage stamps, rare coins and collectibles, computers and media, wine, golf carts, guns/firearms, bicycles, and other miscellaneous items.

We recently increased the program limit to $10 million from $5 million, enabling you to serve a wider net of clientele. Premiums start from $250.

Coverage Features in Our Program

In addition to providing all-risk coverage, the program automatically includes earthquake, wind, transit, and worldwide coverage. For an additional premium, you can add coverage for unscheduled jewelry up to $25,000, unscheduled fine art (no maximum per item) up to $25,000, and unscheduled fine art ($5,000 maximum per item) up to $100,000.

Blanket coverage is available for jewelry and fine art based on the following:

  • For blanket jewelry, scheduled jewelry is required, with the scheduled jewelry limit no less than the blanket jewelry limit.
  • Blanket fine arts requires either scheduled fine art or scheduled jewelry.

Appraisals are not required for clients with prior coverage as long as you can provide their policy schedules. For those without prior coverage, no appraisals are required for a schedule of items below $25,000, with all items below $5,000. Schedules above $25,0000 or any items of $5,000 or more with no prior coverage require appraisals or invoices.

Security for Valuables

A central station alarm is required for schedules of $100,000 or more in value, and a permanently installed non-portable safe is required for schedules with $100,000 or more of jewelry.

Providing clients with our Personal Articles Floater allows you to provide broad coverage at a competitive price with higher limits than are generally available with homeowners insurance.

*NOTE: The insuring agreement in a policy sets out the covered perils, assumed risks, and nature of coverage that the insurance company provides to its insured in exchange for the premiums paid. Thus, the terms and conditions of the policy will dictate whether coverage exists and the nature of any potential benefits.