Look at What Caught Your Eye: ISC’s Top Performing Articles of 2023


Our goal with the ISC Insider is to bring you the latest insurance market trends, issues impacting today’s business and individual consumers, industry sector updates, marketing strategies, and more. We also want to inform you about what’s new at ISC – our tech advances, new product and program launches, events, and more. Here are the top five articles that caught your attention last year.

ISCX: Our Next-Generation Platform

We’re all about making the insurance transaction experience easier and seamless. Our new platform, ISCX, was demoed last year at ISC’s West Coast Broker Conference in Southern California. ISCX will host native and non-native programs and products, enabling brokers and wholesalers to access ISC from one central point for all business lines.

ISC’s Homeowners Insurance Program Fills Void in Key Middle Markets

The Homeowners insurance market around the country is challenging, with carriers raising premiums and exiting certain territories. ISC has a Homeowners product with an A-rated E&S carrier that fills the void in key middle markets where carriers have curbed their appetite. Find out which markets we serve.

Mid-Year Insurance Review

ISC CEO Matt Grossberg provides us with a mid-2023 insurance review, including what’s going on in the Homeowners market, Vesttoo’s impact on the reinsurance market, and the continued growth in the program business space.

ISC Launches ADVANTAGE Contractor GL Program, Submit-Quote-Bind Online

We added an ISO-based coverage form to our portfolio of Contractor General Liability programs with the ADVANTAGE GL Program, providing competitively priced broad protection. You can quote and bind coverage online. Brokers now have four ISC-exclusive GL programs to offer contractors, depending on their needs and exposures. We invite you to take a look at our ADVANTAGE program.

What Is an MGA?

MGAs represent a significant piece of the P&C premium written in the United States. They serve brokers and their clients in specific niche markets.